The noise that came from beyond my room beckoned for me to explore. I slipped out of of my silk sheets, and opened my door only to reveal darkness, and the loud creak. 
A sudden noise came from the guest room. I stepped through the door, and without another thought, I reached for the light switch. Flicking it on, I then sat on the bed, taking a moment to catch my wandering thoughts. A sound came from the bulb, then seconds later it, without hesitation, it shut off. I was still sitting on the bed, half in shock, collecting myself, to try and get back to bed. I stood up, and headed for the door, It was closed. Looking at the old bedroom, from the 1800's, it always gave me an un-easy feeling. But right now it was different. I stared into the blank darkness. It was only the thought that sent me shivers, Had the once alive guest not yet departed?

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