Middle school students poured through the doors of the Charlotte Middle school. They were seventh, and eighth graders filling the hallway. I know I am not the best in school, but I do try. Very hard, in fact. It comes so easy for some people and I just don't get it. How can kids understand things when they're nearly floating off the page? It is so confusing. The teachers try to tell me the difference between 'W' and 'M' ? I mean, they're always switching places! If they were trying to get it into my head, you would think they would at least tell me how to compare, and tell the difference. I'm am only good at one subject in my whole entire school. It's art. Art comes to me so clearly! It is anything you want it to be! I see the other kids coming, and going, but I'm just staying put. I'm staying still like a squirming person in quick sand. Yeah, that's what it is. I'm stuck in quick sand moving around, trying to get out but i just stay put, and slowly grow to become further into the mud. I'm just trapped. The teachers don't understand me, and neither do my parents. They call me stupid. I just don't get things like they do. I wish I could only-I wish I could only unn
9/11/2013 03:52:06

Weak! Nobody wants to read something structured so poorly.


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